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SlingPlayer comes to iPad

SlingPlayer Mobile For iPad Coming Soon


SlingMedia’s official YouTube account has posted a video walkthrough of the Sling Player Mobile for the Apple’s iPad.


SlingPlayer for iPad


The user interface of the iPad app is quite similar to the iPhone app. SlingMedia has also confirmed that the iPad version would only work with Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox SOLO. There is no word as to when the App would go live on the App Store. But it is expected soon.  What a wonderful way to watch HD video away from the home or office.  At $30 I can still rationalize one for playing video demos on the road!




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Free Food Friday – October 8th @ SoundWorks


SoundWorks has fun ways of supporting the creative community with Free Food Friday* networking lunches.  Menus for past events have included everything from good ole’ fashioned homemade hamburgers to Mexican, Spanish and Portuguese-inspired dishes prepared by local chefs.  FFF is free lunch fun with Houston creative people.  Dwight Cook of SoundWorks says, “It’s very cool to see graphic designers, writers and filmmakers make personal and business connections. It’s about making the Houston community smaller by getting to know each other.”

The next FFF event on October 8th will feature a Jamaican-themed menu and guests get to suggest their favorite Caribbean tune for download.  Pirate punch for everyone!  

* FFF translates: free lunch, invitation only, creative community enjoying creative cuisine. We believe in building this Houston network of  professionals through the art of conversation, a shared perspective, a plate at a time.  FFF is by invitation only, so if you want to attend you might have to twist an arm at SoundWorks.


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MOG, radio reinvented


And my MOG, yes there is another player besides iTunes.  MOG lets you get unlimited tunes a month for under $10.  And yes, they have millions of tune choices and phone apps!

Listen to millions of tracks from major-label and indie artists. Enjoy your music ad-free in high fidelity streams directly from your browser — no software download required. Select individual songs, explore playlists, or just sit back and listen to radio with no limitations.  Hello MOG … Roll over radio!


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Foul Language

Do you have a family and want to control what your children are exposed to in the media.  Satellite and cable has some controls but common foul language has become a part on the media.  Try to watch a military or cop show without cussing.    Not that I am a prude but many times when I try to watch a movie, and I love movies, bad language takes away from my experience.


Well a device has been updated that promises to remove foul language from broadcast TV, movies and DVD’s.  It’s called TVG.  I had one of their early models years ago. But I was not able to use it HD TV.  Well it’s back, and now it works with new TV standards. It mutes the bad words in the audio, and pops up a closed caption of the missing dialogue without the offensive words.  You can configure the unit from strict to light filtering, and even filter religious and sexual references. Filtering out the bad words is not for everyone but with 12 million TVG’s sold, perhaps there is a market. The foul language filter concept is not new but now this unit works with HD video and even 1080p.  I just ordered mine. See it in action below:


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Communicate with a New Generation


 young-genWe have a whole new generation that prefers learning in a non-sequential, mosaic way. This new generation is influenced by media and the Internet and saturated with endless sound and video bytes. I have experienced this first hand in the lives of my own children. Their life is lived out in a big media bucket. They can learn and interact with information in a much more informal and dynamic way than I could at their age.

Information seeks and finds us whenever we are, we don’t have to look for it. With Social Media we are always aware of news, entertainment and even the lunatic fringe. This stuff finds you and me every minute of the day!

So how do you communicate with this new generation?  Embrace the new media and speak their language, don’t hard sell.  Be transparent and real. 

How did we get to be a generation filled with electronic media and want to learn in a non-sequential way?  Read this earlier blog post – Communication with young adults

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Super Bowl Tech


I hear that real-time GPS will be used track the arrival of the Lombardi Trophy and key people to the stadium. Isn’t that Colts_Saintsgreat PR.

CBS is broadcasting the game with six high-speed, high-definition cameras with the ability to shoot 300-400 frames per second. Normal cameras shoot around 30fps – so get ready for amazing slow motion effects.

Sprint and AT&T are adding cell towers to handle the stadium demands on cell traffic. Do you have a smartphone? Download some new Smartphone apps to designed help you follow the game.

Security has also gone hi-tech with special cameras to scan both people and packages entering the stadium. Law enforcement also has bomb-removal robots at the ready. But there are no reported threats.

The commercials are my favorite part of the event. Be sure to have your facebook and twitter open to discuss commercials and  talk trash about the other team!


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Unfollowing On Twitter

twitter_32 I have had a lot of questions about Twitter unfollowing … it’s really a much discussed topic. What is the proper Twitter etiquette?

Some believe that when someone follows you on Twitter, it’s proper for you to follow them back.

If you are just trying to build followers then go ahead and follow them back. But if you want to build a network of targeted followers of like mind DON’T FOLLOW just anybody.

follow To get value from Twitter follow their content. The Twitter search tool is now very powerful and you can find users to follow based their content or profile. The Twitter stream moves too fast to scan for content manually. There are also some great web based tools to find Tweeters of interest and some client based (installed on your computer) search and follow tools.

I tend to tweet about things I find of interest, and that I think my followers also find interesting. Most of my content is based on Marketing, Technology and Entertainment Follow me to see if my twitter stream appeals to you.

If my followers are not interested, then I have no problem with them unfollowing … I don’t want to waste their time.

Why do I unfollow? If you’re not interesting to me, if you spam me, if you show semi nude avatars, use foul language or try to sell a make money fast scheme, if you don’t tweet in 100 days, or if, after I search your tweet history, I find you’re mostly talking about things I’m not interested in. Nothing personal, I just don’t have the time or bandwidth to follow you in a meaningful way.

Frankly, I may also unfollow you if you do not follow me back, but I will look at your Twitter stream first to see if your content is interesting.

Some of my favorite tools are:

  • Twitter Karma – a great interface to ‘batch’ manage who you’re following
  • Social Too – helps you target people to follow based on their content

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