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VHS Hard Drives?

Hey, those hard drives we have for sale are not moving. Don’t people need storage? Our price looks competitive.

How can we differentiate our product from the competition?

il_430xN.113476717[1] The solution: VHS Hard Drives

For those who like their storage combined with celluloid nostalgia, there’re these external hard drives hidden inside VHS tapes: available in 320, 500, or 640GB, they come sheathed in flicks like the original Star Trek, Top Gun, and Return of the Jedi. 

Niche marketing, don’t you love it? Get yours at



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No Longer Science Fiction – Expensive Airport Travel Is Out!

Expensive airport travel is out and cost-effective online meetings and digital patch recording sessions are in!
Smart businesses are finding every opportunity to tighten their budgets. Now it’s cost effective to interact and collaborate over the web.

Interact -Web Conferencing solutions build interactions & collaboration with employees, customers and partners!

For conferences many businesses turn to cost-effective web conferencing to reduce travel costs while continuing to maximize employee and customer interactions! Web conferencing still allows for quality interactions and customer collaboration. Its no wonder that web conferencing continues to grow.  I have used IBM web conferencing software, GoToMeeting and ooVoo.  Prices and confrencefeatures for web conferencing vary greatly so look before you leap.

  • Meet as usual with your customers, partners and employees
  • Extend your company’s reach without extending your corporate wallet
  • Increase the efficiency of your internal business communications
  • Encourage brainstorming and speed of information exchange

Collaborate – Digital Patch and Virtual Studio Bring Actor and Producer Together

In a similar move audio post production is using technology to reduce travel costs and travel time.  In 1991 Sound ProductivityWorks, an audio post production studio in Houston, introduced Digital Patch which allows a producer to record a voice actor from another studio anywhere in the world. Capabilities continue to evolve. Using this technology, travel cost and time is saved while still bringing a script to life. Add a video camera to the Digital Patch and the producer can see the actor as well as remotely record. For film and video production the same picture can be viewed at both the local and remote locations, all in sync! Virtual Studio takes this one step further and allows the producer to interact with the recording session without leaving home or office.

  • Work with the actor of your choice – no travel
  • Save time, record from the comfort of your home or office
  • Increased efficiency, slash your travel budget
  • Immediate results

NewTechResults now – this is not science fiction!

This is not technology for technology sake. There is no need to compromise the quality of interactions or collaborations. Best of all web conferencing and Digital Patch technologies save time and money! Both of these technologies leverage computing power and the Internet to get great results.



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Little used tip for Blackberry

If you use a Blackberry, here’s a little secret that you might find useful …

“Run Programs in the Background”

backberrypair1Some applications have a “HIDE” option in their menu that allows you to “background” the application then go to the home screen and move to another program. Some applications support background operations, but may not have a HIDE menu option. For example, if you need to use Email and a Web Browser to quickly send info to a client, holding the ALT key while pressing the Escape key (back arrow) will bring up a menu of open applications that you can select with the scroll wheel. Use this to quickly switch to a web page, copy some info, and paste it into an email to send your client. This simple little secret makes a routine task tremendously easier.

Now here’s another best kept secret.

“Sound Works doesn’t do JUST the big jobs”

Sound Works has always had a reputation for doing the “Big” projects like ADR for Film and TV as well as Sound Design of Video and Internet Training for some of Houston’s largest firms.  The truth IS while these are certainly prestigious projects, MOST of our work is NOT big in time or budget. Many times you’ll find our estimates and abilities to work within budget less expensive than our competitors. And we’re not talking about trimmed-down “cheap” versions, but a full creative effort on our part to match your needs. Our goal has always been to be your business partner rather than just a supplier. Thats why many jobs are quoted rather than being charged for by the hour. Let us help with new business pitches, animatics and fun stuff for your client to keep them happy. swlogowcircleCall us to discover the ease, efficiency and effectiveness of working with Sound Works, Houston’s premier audio production house.

Oh, and one more secret, we have some of the best coffee in town.

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Houston to Barcelona – feature film connection

Michael Lopez-AlegriaSound Works just finished the narration for a documentary about Michael Lopez-Alegria a Spanish astronaut and a veteran of three space missions. The project was a feature documentary by Bausan Films Barcelona, Spain & Michael Lopez-Alegria.

The narration originated from Sound Works, Houston. A video feed of the film and the talent were transmitted from Houston to Barcelona allowing Bausan Films to direct the voice over live. Voice was sent CD quality using digital patch. The process saved the film company travel time and money.

The film has not yet been released, but should be out the first half of 2009.

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Virtual Studio (part two)


OK, I’m guilty as anybody about conjuring up the MOST complicated solution I can possibly come up with in order to solve a problem.  For instance, one day I wanted to paint a heavy metal rod for one of my daughters to lock up her new apartment’s sliding glass door…you know, put it in the bottom slide tray and it stops the door from being pried open.  It was about 4 feet long and 2 inches in diameter and HEAVY.  I wanted to spray paint the rod on all surfaces simultaneously so the surface would not run and I didn’t want to get paint all over my garage or backyard. 

My first thought was to go to the hardware store and buy material to make a “paint booth”.  I know this seems ridiculous but, like I said, I always go for over-kill first.  

After a little more careful consideration, I realized I had a leftover bamboo tomato stake that the metal pipe would sit on perfectly.  I placed the pipe over the bamboo stake, pushed the stake into the grass, spread some newspaper underneath and – Viola! An instant FREE painting solution.

So, what does that have to do with a sound studio?  A while back, we wanted to find a way to let producers, writers and the client be “at” voice-over sessions without having to be physically present.  We thought of elaborate conferencing hardware, “Net-Meeting”  software, voice over ip and other high-tech solutions.  Then we thought simple – What if we just put up a webcam, pointed it at the talent and let people log into our password protected website? Basic and simple. So if you want to “look-in” on a session while on a realtime broadcast-quality Digital Patch or call into a phone patch to hear a lo-fi version of what is going on, just use your internet browser and come join the fun.

Gotta go, I think the paint is dry enough for a second coat.


Mark Meyer
Read Virtual studio (part one)

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Virtual Studio A New Way to Work – A New Way to Think

Young man relaxing with laptopImagine a crowded world – too many people in too many cars with too many agendas. Construction zones, crazed drivers, poor street conditions, every vehicle is an accident waiting to happen – They all lurk, waiting to steal your valuable time. Forget far away destinations – Even short distances seem to take forever….

Years ago, the above would have seemed like the introduction to an eerie, science-fiction story. Today, it sounds like just another day in Houston – you’ve got too much to do and not enough time.

Imagine for a moment that you could be in two places at once. You’re still at work, but you’re also in-session at Sound Works. The voice talent in the studio is on your computer monitor, your talkback mic is plugged into your computer. your speakers are streaming the voiceover you needed to record yesterday! And YOU’RE IN FULL CONTROL just as if you were there.

Welcome to the world of the Virtual Studio!

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