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Fox blocks Hulu

CableTV The fight over how much Cablevision would pay Fox in retransmission fees escalated to a new level, as news outlets confirmed that Fox had denied Cablevision’s broadband customers access to Hulu and

It was a powerplay to help leverage Fox as they seek more money from Cablevision, about $80 million more a year, in order to keep the cable company’s 3 million customers watching episodes of The Simpsons and Monday Night Football NFC football games.

Although Fox’s online television content is now restored, the action may have further repercussions, especially as the Federal Communications Commission debates the merger of Comcast — the nation’s largest cable provider — and NBC Universal, a contributor to Hulu and also a huge provider of content.


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Internet TVs beat 3D sets

Global shipments of Internet-Enabled TVs (IETVs) will reach 27.7 million units in 2010, according to a report from iSuppli.

In contrast, 3D set shipments will total only 4.2 million this year. Although 3D television shipments are set to soar in the coming years, said the iSuppli report, the biggest near-term growth story is in IETV.

If you have priced 3D TV you know how expensive this technology is and it requires 3D ready receivers and recorders.  Just the glasses alone will set you back hundreds.  But this is new technology.  What’s next 3D internet-enabled TV?  Perhaps smell-o-vision?


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Foul Language

Do you have a family and want to control what your children are exposed to in the media.  Satellite and cable has some controls but common foul language has become a part on the media.  Try to watch a military or cop show without cussing.    Not that I am a prude but many times when I try to watch a movie, and I love movies, bad language takes away from my experience.


Well a device has been updated that promises to remove foul language from broadcast TV, movies and DVD’s.  It’s called TVG.  I had one of their early models years ago. But I was not able to use it HD TV.  Well it’s back, and now it works with new TV standards. It mutes the bad words in the audio, and pops up a closed caption of the missing dialogue without the offensive words.  You can configure the unit from strict to light filtering, and even filter religious and sexual references. Filtering out the bad words is not for everyone but with 12 million TVG’s sold, perhaps there is a market. The foul language filter concept is not new but now this unit works with HD video and even 1080p.  I just ordered mine. See it in action below:


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CSI Miami David Caruso as Horatio Caine action figure

il_fullxfull.118369662 Looking for a personal gift for the person that has everything? May I suggest this action figure. The one and only CSI Miami – Horatio Caine!

Around my house we don’t miss a single opening of CSI Miami. Why, for the show open when they introduce us to foul play and Horatio Caine does his cameo performance with the cheesiest line ever.  Actually we try to guess the line before he says it.  So for me this action figure is the bomb … it’s poseable, 12 inches tall and it’s a collectible? You’ll find it on


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Super Bowl Tech


I hear that real-time GPS will be used track the arrival of the Lombardi Trophy and key people to the stadium. Isn’t that Colts_Saintsgreat PR.

CBS is broadcasting the game with six high-speed, high-definition cameras with the ability to shoot 300-400 frames per second. Normal cameras shoot around 30fps – so get ready for amazing slow motion effects.

Sprint and AT&T are adding cell towers to handle the stadium demands on cell traffic. Do you have a smartphone? Download some new Smartphone apps to designed help you follow the game.

Security has also gone hi-tech with special cameras to scan both people and packages entering the stadium. Law enforcement also has bomb-removal robots at the ready. But there are no reported threats.

The commercials are my favorite part of the event. Be sure to have your facebook and twitter open to discuss commercials and  talk trash about the other team!


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Favorite Video of the Week

Credit Unions are a different kind of fighter. Underdogs? Maybe. Champions of a cause? Most definitely. But what is certain, is that the ground has shifted, and your corporate-driven opponents have lost their footing. Now is the time to fight for your share and differentiate yourselves from banks. Now is the time to tell your story. Because you are a different kind of fighter.

Congrats to Third Degree  for great concept and creation!


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VHS Hard Drives?

Hey, those hard drives we have for sale are not moving. Don’t people need storage? Our price looks competitive.

How can we differentiate our product from the competition?

il_430xN.113476717[1] The solution: VHS Hard Drives

For those who like their storage combined with celluloid nostalgia, there’re these external hard drives hidden inside VHS tapes: available in 320, 500, or 640GB, they come sheathed in flicks like the original Star Trek, Top Gun, and Return of the Jedi. 

Niche marketing, don’t you love it? Get yours at


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