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logouh In Houston, TX there’s an uproar on the campus of Rice University because of a potential sale of their FM radio station to the University of Houston for $9.5 million. If the purchase goes through, U of H wants to rename the station from KTRU FM to KUHC FM. This further ignites a flame on Rice’s campus. U of H already has one public radio station, KUHF FM (88.7), which features both news and classical music plus other arts programming. Both radio stations will be affiliates of National Public Radio. KTRU FM (91.7) with its new call letters KUHC FM will broadcast classical music and arts. This allows KUHF FM to concentrate on NPR news and talk. U of H officials say that KUHF will raise the $9.5 million purchase price through private fundraising and increased underwriting also that no state or tuition funds will be used. So it yet to be seen if the Cougars will eat Rice radio.




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MOG, radio reinvented


And my MOG, yes there is another player besides iTunes.  MOG lets you get unlimited tunes a month for under $10.  And yes, they have millions of tune choices and phone apps!

Listen to millions of tracks from major-label and indie artists. Enjoy your music ad-free in high fidelity streams directly from your browser — no software download required. Select individual songs, explore playlists, or just sit back and listen to radio with no limitations.  Hello MOG … Roll over radio!


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Houston Classic Rock nominees for Texas Radio Hall of Fame

dchat Classic rock and the DJ’s who brought that music to local radio audiences long before the rock was considered "classic" are fading fast. But Texas Radio Hall of Fame has found one right here in Houston. A former disc jockey at several radio stations in Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, and Chicago, Dwight “Shotgun” Cook finally ended up in Houston, where he reigned as the No. 1 rock jock at 104.1 KRBE for 3 years running.
Being No. 1 came with perks. Not only did he get to hang out backstage with iconic artists like Elvis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Led Zepplin and Janis Joplin, and, he was a celebrity in his own right. It was the golden era of the great DJ. Back then, the music was as important as they guy who played it for you.
Today, Dwight uses his radio experience and sometimes his distinctive, ex-disc jockey voice at SoundWorks (, the award-winning media production house in Houston. Dwight also serves as Chairman of Only in Houston and serves on the Board of Directors of AAFH – American Advertising FederationHouston.
If you join Texas Radio Hall Of Fame for $15 (Http:// you, too, can place your vote for great Houston talent like Dayna Steele, Crash Collins, Dan Patrick, Bill Moffett, Dave Ward, and Hal McClain, as well as Houston’s Only In Houston Chairman, Dwight “Shotgun” Cook. For your vote to count, it must be mailed in and postmarked by July 17th.
DaynaSteele Support the Houston creative community and the mission of Only In Houston and place your vote for Dwight "Shotgun" Cook to hold a place in Texas radio history. Voting members of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame can find the 2010 ballot here. ( Then join all the fans at the big, always sold out, awards event held in the city with the most voters. Let’s make it happen in Houston!


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Smart Phone Marketing

iphone So, what does the announcement of the new iPhone 4 mean to you?  Will you sell you old phone and make the switch next week?  I’ve already seen tutorials on how to sell your old phone on ebay. I do love the improved camera (front and back), the HD video, better email, wireless keyboard support and more. But I’ll probably keep my iPhone 3gs till it’s time to renew my phone contract. 

Why? This is not an earth shaking new product – it’s an improvement or next generation of a winning product. It’s release insures that the smart phone is the hot and growing client platform for many moons.  If you are not marketing to the mobile customer and consumer you are missing the fastest growing segment of computing.  The platform is affordable and powerful.  In fact, in some countries the desktop has all but been replaced by a smart phone. 

It happened to radio with the mp3 player. Most people I know use their cell phone – not a home phone.  Next, I predict that the smart phone will take over more of the TV and desktop/laptop market.  Excuse me, I have a skype call on my phone …


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The death of Air America January 25th?

airamerica Many conservatives will probably rejoice at the latest words from Charlie Kireker, CEO of Liberal radio network Air America Media. It is with the greatest regret, on behalf of our Board, that we must announce that Air America Media is ceasing its live programming operations as of this afternoon, and that the Company will file soon under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code to carry out an orderly winding-down of the business.

So, on Monday, January 25, 2010 Air America Media goes away? Conservative or liberal? It doesn’t matter to me, but I count this as a big loss.  I hate one-party governments and singular views. I don’t like Air America, but without them conservative talk radio will have less to talk about!

But don’t hold your breath; this is the second time that Air America goes bankrupt. Is it really over?

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Media shapes your belief ~ part 5 (the power of a story)

image We are told that every picture tells a story and they are worth thousands of words. However, looking at images alone can make us feel rather than think.  Think about it, the printed word is primarily processed in the left side of the brain along with logic and linear thinking. While images are primarily processed in the right imagehemisphere of the brain. When you see an image the brain processes it all at once. Describe the same picture and it is described in a linear process, word by word.

Some researchers believe that too much TV can make your brain lazy. Does TV make you hyper? dumb? lazy? distracted? What was the question? We love images, especially moving images, kind of like we love sugar. Sugar is enticing, tasty and eating it is a great sensual experience. But too much sugar is bad for your body, just like too many images without other input can remap and restructure your brain to think differently. There is a difference in the manner that electronic media saturated generations perceive the world compared to generations or people groups not exposed to to it. We must reach our image saturated culture with stories to satisfy the right brain preference people have today. Stories are well received by readers and non-readers.

Like it or not we are affected by the forces of our digital age. Stories echo with greater intensity than ever before. A friend of mine recently went to Africa to bring clean water to areas in Sudan. Most of the people he visited did not read or have TV but communicated with stories. They even had the ability to repeat a detailed story after heating it one time. Perhaps more messages can be communicated in story-form to bridge generational gaps and people groups. Stories could be an effective method of teaching. It’s really a blast from the past because pre-medieval people taught their history through stories. Several savvy marketing companies have already realized the power of stores and I predict we will see more messages communicated in this manner in the future.

This post was inspired from the book “ Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith” by Shane Hipps


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Media shapes your belief ~ part 3

I came home from work the other day and my wife told me how our cat had gotten so excited. She plays a game with our cat Ringo – he knows to look out the French doors if she says “look at the squirrels” or “look at the birds”. Well a bird came right up to the window and they watched for many minutes. The bird had become enamored with his own reflection in the glass. It took him a long time before he realized that it was not another bird. The bird did finally understand it was a reflection. We need to see image things for what they really are – to see the difference between the message and the media.

The Greek mythological story of Peruses and Medusa offers a solution.  If you were like me you watched the Sinbad movies as a kid you know this story. Medusa was horrifying monster in the land. Everyone that gazed upon Medusa was turned to stone. But Peruses uses his shield. He watched her reflection in his shield, the gaze had no effect and he is able to cut off Medusa’s head.

Both this tale and the story of Narcissus use media, a low tech mirror to receive the message of a reflection. Peruses understood that the mirror medium was a reflection but Narcissus did not. In the same way if we fail to realize the difference between the message and the media, things can take on god-like characteristics and we might become their servants.

This post was inspired from the book “ Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith” by Shane Hipps

… to be continued


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