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SlingPlayer comes to iPad

SlingPlayer Mobile For iPad Coming Soon


SlingMedia’s official YouTube account has posted a video walkthrough of the Sling Player Mobile for the Apple’s iPad.


SlingPlayer for iPad


The user interface of the iPad app is quite similar to the iPhone app. SlingMedia has also confirmed that the iPad version would only work with Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox SOLO. There is no word as to when the App would go live on the App Store. But it is expected soon.  What a wonderful way to watch HD video away from the home or office.  At $30 I can still rationalize one for playing video demos on the road!




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Apple iPad Makes It To Time’s ‘50 Best Inventions of 2010′ List

ipadHere’s one more reason to brag about your iPad. It’s part of the elite list of products that were featured in TIME magazine’s list of “50 Best Inventions Of 2010”.

The iPad is revolutionary in terms of being the first color Tablet with multitouch and full fledged web browsing ,  but this is an elite list, which makes the honor even bigger.

From Time: "How does Apple keep out-inventing the rest of the tech industry? Often, it’s by reinventing a product category that its competitors have given up on. In theory, the iPad is merely a follow-up to such resoundingly unpopular slate-style computers as Microsoft’s Tablet PC. But Apple is the first company that designed finger-friendly hardware and software from scratch rather than stuffing a PC into a keyboardless case. When it calls the results “magical” and “revolutionary,” it’s distorting reality only slightly. One analyst says the iPad is the fastest-selling non phone gizmo in consumer-electronics history."

The second invention to make it to the “Technology” section of the list also has an Apple connection. It’s an iPad app called Flipboard that is featured as the second entry in the list of the top inventions of 2010. Flipboard presents various social media network updates in a magazine style layout. This means you can look at those Facebook pictures and comments in a completely different way! Congratulations Apple!

from Time


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Custom Carbonites from Photo

PaulPapeCarboniteStore_GGOK, this is too funny – send Paul Pape a photo and he will make a custom figure encased in carbonite!  I’m sure you know someone you want to honor or just freeze in the stuff.

Who is Paul Pape?

Paul is a hobbyist in Nebraska who’s built a career designing furniture, stop-motion animation figures. He has even made a set  for an Alicia Keys’ tour! One is only $50 and is a 2” X 5” brick with the custom image.  So start taking photos and Paul will make it happen.  Go Paul! The website is


Frank Beard (ZZ Top)
with Han Solo in Carbonite
at Sound Works, Houston



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Fox blocks Hulu

CableTV The fight over how much Cablevision would pay Fox in retransmission fees escalated to a new level, as news outlets confirmed that Fox had denied Cablevision’s broadband customers access to Hulu and

It was a powerplay to help leverage Fox as they seek more money from Cablevision, about $80 million more a year, in order to keep the cable company’s 3 million customers watching episodes of The Simpsons and Monday Night Football NFC football games.

Although Fox’s online television content is now restored, the action may have further repercussions, especially as the Federal Communications Commission debates the merger of Comcast — the nation’s largest cable provider — and NBC Universal, a contributor to Hulu and also a huge provider of content.


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Googling in Reverse

Inframutt Ah, Google. Methodical, rooted in logic and coldly mathematical. And normally, that’s a good thing. But sometimes you want the search result less traveled—like when you’re trying to track down Tiger P. Woods, your old lab partner from high school chemistry. So you turn to Inframutt, a search engine that’ll give you Google’s last results first.

When you do a search on Google, you get the most relevant and popular results, while Inframutt fetches and displays the least popular results to you. It’s the exact opposite of Google.

It’s Google’s evil twin?




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Find the best street food!



I recently was watching the food channel and the show featured food trucks in Texas.  Wow, I thought it was just taco trucks … but no! Many gourmet chefs are setting up shop on 4-wheels.  Yes, gourmet food!  But how do you find these delectable delights?

Go visit – see for yourself the reviews and tips and enter into a new era of technology helping you to find the best fast food!


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Goggles brings search by sight to iPhone

BEIJING,CHINA - JULY 22,2009: (CHINA OUT)Passerbys watch the partial solar eclipse with solar viewing goggles on the  Wangfujing street,Beijing,July 22, 2009.(Photo by CNImaging) (Newscom TagID: ciphotos061660)     [Photo via Newscom] According to The Register, Google is planning to release their search-by-sight feature, Goggles to the iPhone, which is currently available for Android phones.

Google Goggles will allow users to search the web using the camera on their iPhone .  It can recognize languages, books, album covers, artwork, landmarks, places, logos, and more.


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