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iPhone Problems With Exchange 2003 After Upgrading To iOS 4.2.1


microsoft exchange

iPhone users are reporting issues with Microsoft Exchange 2003 after upgrading to iOS 4.2.1 that was released by Apple last week.

The problem is compounded by the fact that there are actually two different issues affecting the same feature.

The first bug, and the more serious of the two is that calendar events that are created by users or the ones they have accepted disappear from the iPhone for no apparent reason. This means that users relying on ActiveSync could end up missing meetings, conference calls etc. The weird thing about this is that these events are still visible in Outlook or via the webmail interface.

Users are also reporting issues while accepting or declining an invitation. Users are reporting that they get an error message informing them that your message cannot be sent. While this bug might not be as serious as the first one, this could prove detrimental to people who work in fragmented groups and use this feature to track each others schedules and event plans for the day.

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6 Ways to Get Re-Tweeted

Twitter is a social network that allows users to share brief, 140 character messages. Each time another user shares your message it is considered a Re-Tweet. Re-Tweets expand you reach as an individual or company and can contribute additional website traffic, subscribers and customers.  There is social media etiquette, most of these “don’ts” also apply in-person in real life. Make the mistakes outlined in this post and it can cause your content to be ignored and not get Re-Tweeted!

Ways to Get Re-Tweeted

1. Talk About Yourself –There is nothing that will keep you from getting Re-Tweeted and make you lose followers like talking about yourself constantly. You should try it in person too, say at a party, it will have the same effect.

2. Ask for the Re-Tweet – If you want Re-Tweets, ask for them.

3. Include a an interesting link –People love to spread links to content they like.

4. Don’t say what everyone else is saying – Say only the same things everyone else is saying, and become part of the background noise of Twitter.

5. Talk About Twitter – Twitter users like Twitter, and they like talking about it. Tweeting about Twitter will make people want to Re-Tweet you!

6. Use –TinyURL and help you not to use up valuable characters and make it easier for followers to Re-Tweet you.




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Goggles brings search by sight to iPhone

BEIJING,CHINA - JULY 22,2009: (CHINA OUT)Passerbys watch the partial solar eclipse with solar viewing goggles on the  Wangfujing street,Beijing,July 22, 2009.(Photo by CNImaging) (Newscom TagID: ciphotos061660)     [Photo via Newscom] According to The Register, Google is planning to release their search-by-sight feature, Goggles to the iPhone, which is currently available for Android phones.

Google Goggles will allow users to search the web using the camera on their iPhone .  It can recognize languages, books, album covers, artwork, landmarks, places, logos, and more.


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Internet TVs beat 3D sets

Global shipments of Internet-Enabled TVs (IETVs) will reach 27.7 million units in 2010, according to a report from iSuppli.

In contrast, 3D set shipments will total only 4.2 million this year. Although 3D television shipments are set to soar in the coming years, said the iSuppli report, the biggest near-term growth story is in IETV.

If you have priced 3D TV you know how expensive this technology is and it requires 3D ready receivers and recorders.  Just the glasses alone will set you back hundreds.  But this is new technology.  What’s next 3D internet-enabled TV?  Perhaps smell-o-vision?


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Mealtime indecision = Yummly

Yummly is a mealtime search engine


Trying to decide what to make for dinner? Perhaps you’re craving a specific flavor or texture? I once worked with someone who would smack their lips in hopes that their taste buds would identify what they should eat for lunch. Now there is Yummly.

Thrillist - Yummly

A search engine to solve mealtime indecision

It’s a new venture from two eBay vets and it’s super-advanced search engine connects you to the perfect meal via a slick interface with cool controls for everything from flavor profiles to nutrition specs. I’t perfect if you have no self control. The main aspect of their proprietary "FoodFinder" is the sliding scales which represent the amount of the five major tastes you want in your dish. You control results from over 500,000 recipes and can narrow the results by choosing dietary restrictions (vegan, wheat-free,…sulfite-free), preferred cuisine type (from Croatian to Maltese), max prep time, and by restricting/mandating certain ingredients. What’s for dinner tonight?


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Smart Phone Marketing

iphone So, what does the announcement of the new iPhone 4 mean to you?  Will you sell you old phone and make the switch next week?  I’ve already seen tutorials on how to sell your old phone on ebay. I do love the improved camera (front and back), the HD video, better email, wireless keyboard support and more. But I’ll probably keep my iPhone 3gs till it’s time to renew my phone contract. 

Why? This is not an earth shaking new product – it’s an improvement or next generation of a winning product. It’s release insures that the smart phone is the hot and growing client platform for many moons.  If you are not marketing to the mobile customer and consumer you are missing the fastest growing segment of computing.  The platform is affordable and powerful.  In fact, in some countries the desktop has all but been replaced by a smart phone. 

It happened to radio with the mp3 player. Most people I know use their cell phone – not a home phone.  Next, I predict that the smart phone will take over more of the TV and desktop/laptop market.  Excuse me, I have a skype call on my phone …


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Conquer the Youtube Monster

Where do you think YouTube is heading next? As a marketer, how do you feel about online video?


iStock_000000843180SmallThe steady growth in personal video provides creates a challenge for marketers. How to you reach people on youtube?  How about street team videos about the brand?  One video can hardly make a difference, there is a lot of noise online. But hundreds or thousands of videos about the brand may make a dent. Online video advertising is still young, and people are still trying out approaches to create the best results for advertisers and consumers. As video production continues to increase, marketers are challenged to have targeted advertising opportunities.

How big is youtube? YouTube announced a major milestone. Every minute that goes by, an entire day of video is added to its site. Yes, you read correctly: 24 hours of video are now uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds. Since being founded in early 2005, the site has been the market leader in video sharing and consumption online. With a market share of more than 73%, the service dominates all the other online video competitors.

Video is a big growing piece of online content and companies should consider incorporating video as part of online marketing strategy. As online video matures so will the need to produce professional video productions for this medium!



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