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SlingPlayer comes to iPad

SlingPlayer Mobile For iPad Coming Soon


SlingMedia’s official YouTube account has posted a video walkthrough of the Sling Player Mobile for the Apple’s iPad.


SlingPlayer for iPad


The user interface of the iPad app is quite similar to the iPhone app. SlingMedia has also confirmed that the iPad version would only work with Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox SOLO. There is no word as to when the App would go live on the App Store. But it is expected soon.  What a wonderful way to watch HD video away from the home or office.  At $30 I can still rationalize one for playing video demos on the road!




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Explore Underwater Landscapes On Your iPhone

Google Earth iOS App

Google Earth App Now Allows You To Explore Underwater Landscapes And Terrain On Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch! Google has released a new version of their Google Earth iOS app (version 3.1) for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The new version brings native support to iPhone 4’s retina display and will also allow you to explore underwater landscapes and terrain on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


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endorse Have an overflow of job requests and looking to pass on the work to your network? Or are you looking to find a reputable contact who is an expert at a specific skill? Connecting with Endorse allows you to do all that and more… just connect with Twitter and recommend  or your network for their skills.  Share with others and keep your network engaged. Now is everybody is happy?




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Mealtime indecision = Yummly

Yummly is a mealtime search engine


Trying to decide what to make for dinner? Perhaps you’re craving a specific flavor or texture? I once worked with someone who would smack their lips in hopes that their taste buds would identify what they should eat for lunch. Now there is Yummly.

Thrillist - Yummly

A search engine to solve mealtime indecision

It’s a new venture from two eBay vets and it’s super-advanced search engine connects you to the perfect meal via a slick interface with cool controls for everything from flavor profiles to nutrition specs. I’t perfect if you have no self control. The main aspect of their proprietary "FoodFinder" is the sliding scales which represent the amount of the five major tastes you want in your dish. You control results from over 500,000 recipes and can narrow the results by choosing dietary restrictions (vegan, wheat-free,…sulfite-free), preferred cuisine type (from Croatian to Maltese), max prep time, and by restricting/mandating certain ingredients. What’s for dinner tonight?


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Game Stimulation Blues

microsoft-natal-motion-controllerVideo game makers are going to try to convince you that fancy motion controllers, facial and gesture recognition is what you need to have a good time. Top your game with an snazzy 3-D screen and life is as good as it gets, right? Next week is the E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.  Keep your eyes open for lots of hype.



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Why update to Office 2010?

imageI use Microsoft Office apps everyday.  I am currently running Office 2007 and it’s been three years since it was released.  So why will I upgrade? If you use Microsoft web apps it will integrate your work flow.

But the biggest improvement to me will be with Outlook and it’s new “conversation view” that ties all email conversations together.  The idea of showing all related messages in a thread appeals to me because I struggle with making sense of my email workspace. In addition there are lots of other little things that will rock my email world.



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Be Like James Bond

Perhaps you always wanted to be like James Bond.  I always loved the gadgets Q developed.  Now you can obtain spy gadgets without being enrolled the secret service. These are not cheap and they can be used for evil purposes.  Just knowing what is available makes me want to be more aware.

A Tracker

Recently some innovative Germans placed a GPS tracking device on the Google street view car We have all seen Hollywood dramas where people are tracked with a GPS device.  Thanks to Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) this is now easy to do. Just  buy a small box, less than half the size of a cigarette box, then stick it on a anything using the built in magnets. Then you can monitor it’s position anywhere worldwide. Some GPS trackers can be found at this website.

Biometric Security

Now you can own a security device with voice recognition, palm, hand and fingerprint scanning, iris and retina reading, hand vein imagery, facial 3d modeling verification, and DNA testing. These security devices are harder to buy as they require you personal information, what you need it for, and a price quote these high end security devices were too cool not to be included on my list.

Virtual Secret Surveillance

This is very scary … now you can know every single thing somebody does on a computer? And all their passwords? Well, this is now possible. Using simply a small plug-in device, the size of a nickel, between a person’s keyboard (even a wireless one) and their computer, you can see hundreds of pages of text that they type no matter what it is. You can even monitor every single button they press on their keyboard. No software is involved in this process; you simply set a password on the device and plug it in.

Once the information has been recorded – just take it out and plug it into your own computer and enter the password. You can see everything they’ve typed. Also if you do not want to retrieve the device, it can send the collected info to a website, email, or FTP server.


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