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Nielsen Study says iPhone And Android “Most Desired” Smartphones

I was in the AT&T store the other day and the manager admitted that the Android platform outsells the iPhone.  Of course it is supported by various manufacturers and carriers. If price is not an an obstacle most people choose iPhone. Now Nielsen has published a new survey report on the "most desired" imagesCA2FSJCRsmartphone platform in America, which was conducted between August and October this year, has come up with some pretty interesting findings.

According to the report, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS are nearly tied at the moment for the "most desired" tag with Apple enjoying a slight edge overall.

The survey report notes that iOS, Blackberry and Android presently constitute nearly 80% of the US smartphone market – a segment that makes up close to 30% of the total mobile subscriber base. Apple leads the pack at 27.9% ownership while Blackberry is a close second. However, when it comes to the "most desired" OS, the survey found that a significant majority of customers preferred Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android over any other platform.

Among those who were likely to upgrade to a smartphone, Nielsen found that 30% of the surveyed consumers preferred the iPhone over rival devices. Android phones came a close second at 28% and Blackberry handsets were third at a distant 13%. Android phones were more popular among users who owned a featurephone. The platform garnered 28% of the votes in this segment compared to iOS’ 25%. Among current smartphone owners though, Apple was found to enjoy a significant lead with over 35% of the surveyed users preferring an iPhone over rival handsets.

The Nielsen report notes that Apple enjoys a lead over rival plaform developers among all the age groups except those in the 35-54 group who seemed to prefer Android over iOS. The lead here though was less than 1 percentage point. Interestingly though, the report finds that more women preferred an iPhone over Android devices. On the other hand, Android found greater acceptance among the males.

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iPhone Problems With Exchange 2003 After Upgrading To iOS 4.2.1


microsoft exchange

iPhone users are reporting issues with Microsoft Exchange 2003 after upgrading to iOS 4.2.1 that was released by Apple last week.

The problem is compounded by the fact that there are actually two different issues affecting the same feature.

The first bug, and the more serious of the two is that calendar events that are created by users or the ones they have accepted disappear from the iPhone for no apparent reason. This means that users relying on ActiveSync could end up missing meetings, conference calls etc. The weird thing about this is that these events are still visible in Outlook or via the webmail interface.

Users are also reporting issues while accepting or declining an invitation. Users are reporting that they get an error message informing them that your message cannot be sent. While this bug might not be as serious as the first one, this could prove detrimental to people who work in fragmented groups and use this feature to track each others schedules and event plans for the day.

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Now get ready for a “business” iPad …

RIM Announces a business version of the iPad.  The BlackBerry Playbook Tablet – Will It Be An iPad Killer?

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet

The BlackBerry Playbook tablet is designed to compete with Apple’s iPad. The Playbook is described as “the first professional tablet”. It is expected to be launched in the US in early 2011 and in international markets in the second quarter.

It has impressive  hardware specs:

  • 7″ LCD, 1024 x 600, WSVGA, capacitive touch screen with full multi-touch and gesture support

  • BlackBerry Tablet OS with support for symmetric multiprocessing

  • 1 GHz dual-core processor

  • 1 GB RAM

  • Dual HD cameras (3 MP front facing, 5 MP rear facing), supports 1080p HD video recording

  • Video playback: 1080p HD Video, H.264, MPEG, DivX, WMV

  • Audio playback: MP3, AAC, WMA

  • HDMI video output

  • Wi-Fi – 802.11 a/b/g/n

  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

  • Connectors: microHDMI, microUSB, charging contacts

  • Open, flexible application platform with support for WebKit/HTML-5, Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Adobe Mobile AIR, Adobe Reader, POSIX, OpenGL, Java

  • Measures 5.1″x7.6″x0.4″ (130mm x 193mm x 10mm)

  • Weighs less than a pound (approximately 0.9 lb or 400g)

It also looks like PlayBook will be able to connect to wireless networks through a BlackBerry smartphone. RIM also plans to offer 3G and 4G versions of Playbook in the future. No pricing has been released.



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Will Facetime rule your world?

facetime It will, I think, if Apple has anything to say about it. A recent report on the Apple Insider claims that Apple could be breaking its traditional annual product cycle for the iPad. According to sources, Apple is already in the "advanced testing stages" of the second generation iPad, which could be launched as early as the holiday shopping season this year. That would mean that the new iPad would have a camera on the front and back to enable Facetime.

Mac4Ever insists that these are rumors and need to be taken with guarded skepticism. Nevertheless, the latest speculations appear strategic and we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple indeed launches the next generation iPad shortly and brings FaceTime to Mac OS X and Windows. What do you think?

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Free Food Friday – October 8th @ SoundWorks


SoundWorks has fun ways of supporting the creative community with Free Food Friday* networking lunches.  Menus for past events have included everything from good ole’ fashioned homemade hamburgers to Mexican, Spanish and Portuguese-inspired dishes prepared by local chefs.  FFF is free lunch fun with Houston creative people.  Dwight Cook of SoundWorks says, “It’s very cool to see graphic designers, writers and filmmakers make personal and business connections. It’s about making the Houston community smaller by getting to know each other.”

The next FFF event on October 8th will feature a Jamaican-themed menu and guests get to suggest their favorite Caribbean tune for download.  Pirate punch for everyone!  

* FFF translates: free lunch, invitation only, creative community enjoying creative cuisine. We believe in building this Houston network of  professionals through the art of conversation, a shared perspective, a plate at a time.  FFF is by invitation only, so if you want to attend you might have to twist an arm at SoundWorks.


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Promote your expertise with this search engine

Social networks are great for following your friends’ daily musings, but rarely do they help grow your income. I think we all want to leverage social media to help our business efforts – now there is Weedle.

Thrillist - Weedle

Like a LinkedIn/Yellow Pages hybrid, Weddle’s a new platform from Ireland to help users effectively market their professional expertise through mutual contacts which leverages an implicit “element of trust.” Users fill out a description of their vocation (plumber, video producer) and location, back it up with a mini resume and optionally a photo/video of their “skills in action”, then one imports contacts from myriad accounts including Gmail, LinkedIn, and AOL. Users searching for hires (done by skill set) will have their results prioritized based on individuals with whom they share contacts, allowing them to vet you by a trusted source should they choose; if interested, they can reach out.

Once the process is over, both parties can go back “rate” one another and/or comment on the experience.



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Traffic JamCam App

trafficcam  How about an app that let’s you peep in on live traffic cameras in major metro areas?  This iPhone app is nice enough to let you peep live traffic cameras of metro ATL’s major interstates and other problem areas; just type in a street/intersection and select your eye(s) in the sky. You can also check a zoomed-out "Map" view, upon which the status (green flags for flowing, red for stalled) of the streets is overlaid. It’s available in the appstore and called “TrafficJamCam Atlanta.”  Now we just need an app for red light cameras.


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