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6 Ways to Get Re-Tweeted

Twitter is a social network that allows users to share brief, 140 character messages. Each time another user shares your message it is considered a Re-Tweet. Re-Tweets expand you reach as an individual or company and can contribute additional website traffic, subscribers and customers.  There is social media etiquette, most of these “don’ts” also apply in-person in real life. Make the mistakes outlined in this post and it can cause your content to be ignored and not get Re-Tweeted!

Ways to Get Re-Tweeted

1. Talk About Yourself –There is nothing that will keep you from getting Re-Tweeted and make you lose followers like talking about yourself constantly. You should try it in person too, say at a party, it will have the same effect.

2. Ask for the Re-Tweet – If you want Re-Tweets, ask for them.

3. Include a an interesting link –People love to spread links to content they like.

4. Don’t say what everyone else is saying – Say only the same things everyone else is saying, and become part of the background noise of Twitter.

5. Talk About Twitter – Twitter users like Twitter, and they like talking about it. Tweeting about Twitter will make people want to Re-Tweet you!

6. Use –TinyURL and help you not to use up valuable characters and make it easier for followers to Re-Tweet you.





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Technology can help a guys love life

I ran across a great site – – that will enhance a guys love life without drugs and put some money in a girls wallet.  Guys can ask a woman a question on relationships and dating and get an answer from a female perspective.  It will cost you $2 to ask a question guys!  And the woman that answers gets to keep $1 of that payment.  The cool thing is it’s all anonymous – you don’t know who asks and who answers.  Try it, you can’t lose a lot unless you have so many questions …

If you want to save a few bucks and get some great love tips guys … visit Raphael’s facebook page.  I think he could even teach a caveman some romance.  This site is free and funny! They are currently giving away a trip for two to Portugal and 25 cans of gourmet Queen Of The Coast tuna (the sponsor) a week.  This site is fun but seriously guys, it could help you become the romeo you desire to be!

So is it love or money that makes the world go round?


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Flipboard – cool, very new news app!

FlipboardFlipboard – is a revolutionary News App for the iPad


Flipboard pulls data from your Facebook and Twitter accounts and builds a “social magazine” around it. This is not your traditional news app. It’s not just a RSS feed reader, and it’s not a photo gallery either. Flipboard is a new way to discover content. It collects links, pictures and everything else you have on Twitter and creates a magazine around them. A magazine where comments are retweets, and you are the curator of the content you want to see. It looks great, too: typography is tasty, animations are sexy, this app is very polished.



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Facebook hits 500 million mark

BBC infographic

The site, which launched in 2004, has gained around 100 million new users in just the last six months. Facebook said the number was "an important milestone" and added that it was "humbled and inspired" by the stories of its users, which it is asking people to share on the site. Everybody it seems – wants to share with their friends.  Look how it started small and how fast it grew!



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Social Media Sells!

Social media works! After several weeks of trying to build a fan base on Facebook we had 500 followers. Then this site went viral! In one day we had 30,000 visitors and generated 20,000 orders for our customer.

Why? Mommy bloggers were added to the mix. Consider adding blogs to your mix when trying to build traffic and a fan base.


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Don’t have time for it or is Social Media a fad?

I still run into people who don’t have time for social media or think it’s a fad.  How about you – still not a believer … watch this!



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TAX BREAK Houston’s Creative Bailout!


facebook[1]TAX BREAK Houston’s
Creative Bailout!


Comedy – Music – Live Art – Networking 
Add this to your calendar NOW!

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After bobbing and weaving together last year, this year’s creative mixer is
all about getting a little relief from work and taxes. Join Houston’s leading
professional creative organizations as we socialize and enjoy another
tax season passing us by …

Event Name:     Tax Break! Houston’s Creative Bailout
                Thursday, April 15, 2010
               5:30p – 10p
Admission:      Free, Cash Bar
Food:               Hors de’ oeuvres
Activities/Programming: Comedy, Tax Relief, Creative Interaction


Sponsoring organizations:

American Advertising Federation Houston (AAFH)
Natalie Gonzalez, President

American Institute of Graphic Arts Houston (AIGA)
Robin Parrish, Programming

Art Director’s Club of Houston (ADCH)
Alex Barber, President

Only in Houston (OiH)
Dwight Cook, Chairman

University of Houston Graphics Alumni Partnership (UHGAP)
Daniel Bosse, President

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