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Custom Carbonites from Photo

PaulPapeCarboniteStore_GGOK, this is too funny – send Paul Pape a photo and he will make a custom figure encased in carbonite!  I’m sure you know someone you want to honor or just freeze in the stuff.

Who is Paul Pape?

Paul is a hobbyist in Nebraska who’s built a career designing furniture, stop-motion animation figures. He has even made a set  for an Alicia Keys’ tour! One is only $50 and is a 2” X 5” brick with the custom image.  So start taking photos and Paul will make it happen.  Go Paul! The website is


Frank Beard (ZZ Top)
with Han Solo in Carbonite
at Sound Works, Houston




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6 Ways to Get Re-Tweeted

Twitter is a social network that allows users to share brief, 140 character messages. Each time another user shares your message it is considered a Re-Tweet. Re-Tweets expand you reach as an individual or company and can contribute additional website traffic, subscribers and customers.  There is social media etiquette, most of these “don’ts” also apply in-person in real life. Make the mistakes outlined in this post and it can cause your content to be ignored and not get Re-Tweeted!

Ways to Get Re-Tweeted

1. Talk About Yourself –There is nothing that will keep you from getting Re-Tweeted and make you lose followers like talking about yourself constantly. You should try it in person too, say at a party, it will have the same effect.

2. Ask for the Re-Tweet – If you want Re-Tweets, ask for them.

3. Include a an interesting link –People love to spread links to content they like.

4. Don’t say what everyone else is saying – Say only the same things everyone else is saying, and become part of the background noise of Twitter.

5. Talk About Twitter – Twitter users like Twitter, and they like talking about it. Tweeting about Twitter will make people want to Re-Tweet you!

6. Use –TinyURL and help you not to use up valuable characters and make it easier for followers to Re-Tweet you.




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Houston Creative Summit is Friday October 23!

71_t is your last reminder to save $25 when registering for The Houston Summit for the Creative Economy, lifting off this Friday at Rice University’ McNair Hall.

An elegant vase by Houston artist Terry Hagiwara has been donated by the Goldesberry Gallery to be our door prize. You must be present to win!

Walk-up registrations will be $125, but if you act visit right now, you can still register for $100 with the code word ‘collaborate.’

— Connect to Houston’s most vital community of fire-starters
— Boost creativity and innovation in Houston
— Learn how to turn ideas into reality
— Build relationships with supporters and advisors
— Join teams revolutionizing Houston.

Register now at or call (281) 433-2302.

Spread the secret code "collaborate" by email, word of mouth, social media. please forward this email to everyone you think needs to be there. follow us on twitter @houstonsummit and tag your tweets with #HSCE. Look for us on Facebook and Linkedin, too.


Creative Summit Schedule

Friday, October 22, 2010


Check-in, networking



Welcome, orientation


George Worthington


Opening panel

How creativity drives Houston’s economy

Jonathon Glus, CEO of Houston Arts Alliance

Peter Bishop, futurist and UH Professor


Move to strategy labs



Strategy Labs

Urban Regeneration

Andrew Burleson of
Russell Hruska, AIA of Intexure Architects


Arts-based learning

Donna Howell of Third Coast Theater, artist Lillian Warren and representative from corporate training at Weatherford


Incubators & hives

Matthew Wettergreen of Caroline Collective, and 
Marc Nathan of Chai One, formerly with Houston Technology Center


Local assets

Brian Rod and Cody Ledvina of The Joanna, plus more names to be announced


Recap of learning



Culinary arts panel

Creating Cuisine

Teresa Byrne-Dodge of My Table and 
Monica Pope of t’afia




Buffet by Grant Gordon of Tony’s and Michael Cordua’s restaurants, Monica Pope. …


Move to strategy labs



Strategy Labs


Mauro Ferrari, The Alliance for Nanomedicine


Medical innovation 

Pumps & Pipes Conference founder Alan Lumsden, head of cardiovascular surgery at Methodist


Creativity, technology and community

J.R. Cohen of, Alfred Cervantes of Houston Film Commission


Digital, design & film

Tim McLaughlin, Texas A&M Visualization Department
Jerry Alexander of Acumen Design


Recap of learning



Closing panel

Marketing the Creative City

Ward Pennebaker, agency founder and chief marketing officer for Houston Grand Opera, Steve Latham of Spur Interactive agency and Dwight Cook of Soundworks and OnlyInHouston


The Symphony of Ideas


Conducted by Durwin Sharp of The School for Innovators

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Fox blocks Hulu

CableTV The fight over how much Cablevision would pay Fox in retransmission fees escalated to a new level, as news outlets confirmed that Fox had denied Cablevision’s broadband customers access to Hulu and

It was a powerplay to help leverage Fox as they seek more money from Cablevision, about $80 million more a year, in order to keep the cable company’s 3 million customers watching episodes of The Simpsons and Monday Night Football NFC football games.

Although Fox’s online television content is now restored, the action may have further repercussions, especially as the Federal Communications Commission debates the merger of Comcast — the nation’s largest cable provider — and NBC Universal, a contributor to Hulu and also a huge provider of content.


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Rock Band performs with iPhones

A New York City rock band “Atomic Tom” is in the news for turning to their iPhones for help after their instruments were allegedly stolen.

The members of the band hooked their iPhones to a portable speaker system and used various musical iPhone apps to play “Take Me Out” from their latest album on a New York City subway train.

While the lead vocalist uses the iPhone as a microphone, the other three members of the band use various musical iPhone apps simulating the piano, drums and guitar.

This is a great performance  … checkout the video below:



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It was a great jammin’ FFF!



On October 8th SoundWorks had their fun FFF, Free Food Friday! It’s a way of supporting the Houston creative community with Free Food Friday* networking lunches.  Menus for past events have included everything from good ole’ fashioned homemade hamburgers to Mexican, Spanish and Portuguese-inspired dishes.  This FFF was a Jamaican-themed menu and guests got to suggest their favorite Caribbean tune and sing a Bob Marley karaoke tune to win the new iPod nano. All of the lunches are prepared  by Houston chefs.  Dwight Cook of SoundWorks says, “It’s very cool to see graphic designers, writers and filmmakers make personal and business connections. It’s about making the Houston community smaller by getting to know each other.” Winner

Congrats to karaoke winner JaTerria Brooks who took home a new iPod nano for her rendition of Bob Marley’s “We Jammin.’”  Click here for a photo gallery of the event.

* FFF translates: free lunch, invitation only, creative community enjoying creative cuisine. We believe in building this Houston network of  professionals through the art of conversation, a shared perspective, a plate at a time.  FFF is by invitation only, so if you want to attend you might have to twist an arm at SoundWorks.

The next FFF is November 12th and details are to be announced soon.



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Googling in Reverse

Inframutt Ah, Google. Methodical, rooted in logic and coldly mathematical. And normally, that’s a good thing. But sometimes you want the search result less traveled—like when you’re trying to track down Tiger P. Woods, your old lab partner from high school chemistry. So you turn to Inframutt, a search engine that’ll give you Google’s last results first.

When you do a search on Google, you get the most relevant and popular results, while Inframutt fetches and displays the least popular results to you. It’s the exact opposite of Google.

It’s Google’s evil twin?




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