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Houston Creative Summit is Friday October 23!

71_t is your last reminder to save $25 when registering for The Houston Summit for the Creative Economy, lifting off this Friday at Rice University’ McNair Hall.

An elegant vase by Houston artist Terry Hagiwara has been donated by the Goldesberry Gallery to be our door prize. You must be present to win!

Walk-up registrations will be $125, but if you act visit right now, you can still register for $100 with the code word ‘collaborate.’

— Connect to Houston’s most vital community of fire-starters
— Boost creativity and innovation in Houston
— Learn how to turn ideas into reality
— Build relationships with supporters and advisors
— Join teams revolutionizing Houston.

Register now at or call (281) 433-2302.

Spread the secret code "collaborate" by email, word of mouth, social media. please forward this email to everyone you think needs to be there. follow us on twitter @houstonsummit and tag your tweets with #HSCE. Look for us on Facebook and Linkedin, too.


Creative Summit Schedule

Friday, October 22, 2010


Check-in, networking



Welcome, orientation


George Worthington


Opening panel

How creativity drives Houston’s economy

Jonathon Glus, CEO of Houston Arts Alliance

Peter Bishop, futurist and UH Professor


Move to strategy labs



Strategy Labs

Urban Regeneration

Andrew Burleson of
Russell Hruska, AIA of Intexure Architects


Arts-based learning

Donna Howell of Third Coast Theater, artist Lillian Warren and representative from corporate training at Weatherford


Incubators & hives

Matthew Wettergreen of Caroline Collective, and 
Marc Nathan of Chai One, formerly with Houston Technology Center


Local assets

Brian Rod and Cody Ledvina of The Joanna, plus more names to be announced


Recap of learning



Culinary arts panel

Creating Cuisine

Teresa Byrne-Dodge of My Table and 
Monica Pope of t’afia




Buffet by Grant Gordon of Tony’s and Michael Cordua’s restaurants, Monica Pope. …


Move to strategy labs



Strategy Labs


Mauro Ferrari, The Alliance for Nanomedicine


Medical innovation 

Pumps & Pipes Conference founder Alan Lumsden, head of cardiovascular surgery at Methodist


Creativity, technology and community

J.R. Cohen of, Alfred Cervantes of Houston Film Commission


Digital, design & film

Tim McLaughlin, Texas A&M Visualization Department
Jerry Alexander of Acumen Design


Recap of learning



Closing panel

Marketing the Creative City

Ward Pennebaker, agency founder and chief marketing officer for Houston Grand Opera, Steve Latham of Spur Interactive agency and Dwight Cook of Soundworks and OnlyInHouston


The Symphony of Ideas


Conducted by Durwin Sharp of The School for Innovators


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Smart Phone Marketing

iphone So, what does the announcement of the new iPhone 4 mean to you?  Will you sell you old phone and make the switch next week?  I’ve already seen tutorials on how to sell your old phone on ebay. I do love the improved camera (front and back), the HD video, better email, wireless keyboard support and more. But I’ll probably keep my iPhone 3gs till it’s time to renew my phone contract. 

Why? This is not an earth shaking new product – it’s an improvement or next generation of a winning product. It’s release insures that the smart phone is the hot and growing client platform for many moons.  If you are not marketing to the mobile customer and consumer you are missing the fastest growing segment of computing.  The platform is affordable and powerful.  In fact, in some countries the desktop has all but been replaced by a smart phone. 

It happened to radio with the mp3 player. Most people I know use their cell phone – not a home phone.  Next, I predict that the smart phone will take over more of the TV and desktop/laptop market.  Excuse me, I have a skype call on my phone …


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Social Media Sells!

Social media works! After several weeks of trying to build a fan base on Facebook we had 500 followers. Then this site went viral! In one day we had 30,000 visitors and generated 20,000 orders for our customer.

Why? Mommy bloggers were added to the mix. Consider adding blogs to your mix when trying to build traffic and a fan base.


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TAX BREAK Houston’s Creative Bailout!


facebook[1]TAX BREAK Houston’s
Creative Bailout!


Comedy – Music – Live Art – Networking 
Add this to your calendar NOW!

 RSVP on facebook 

After bobbing and weaving together last year, this year’s creative mixer is
all about getting a little relief from work and taxes. Join Houston’s leading
professional creative organizations as we socialize and enjoy another
tax season passing us by …

Event Name:     Tax Break! Houston’s Creative Bailout
                Thursday, April 15, 2010
               5:30p – 10p
Admission:      Free, Cash Bar
Food:               Hors de’ oeuvres
Activities/Programming: Comedy, Tax Relief, Creative Interaction


Sponsoring organizations:

American Advertising Federation Houston (AAFH)
Natalie Gonzalez, President

American Institute of Graphic Arts Houston (AIGA)
Robin Parrish, Programming

Art Director’s Club of Houston (ADCH)
Alex Barber, President

Only in Houston (OiH)
Dwight Cook, Chairman

University of Houston Graphics Alumni Partnership (UHGAP)
Daniel Bosse, President

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Build a Social Media Platform!

by Dwight Cook

Social Media is about person-to-person activity. Don’t be “the company” be a person. Be a good listener.  Be passionate, it’s contagious. Stay on your toes … adjust and learn from connections. Stay real. If you become prideful people will know.

As in all marketing, identify who you want to follow. It’s not just about how many friends or followers you have but how many are valuable? So you must target your social media efforts. Develop categories subjects and keywords and include these subjects in your social media "talk".

Content is so important that we recommend part of your monthly budget be allocated for a virtual assistant to write on your social media platforms. We do this for most of our clients – they simply don’t have the time. Automated posts on these targeted subjects can be used but you must interact too or you will be thought of as a robot and people will begin to unfollow or unfriend you.

A blog is a great part of the social media puzzle. Blogging subjects should also be targeted and can position you as an expert. Every time a blog post is made it should be announce on the other social media platforms with a link back to the blog. These posts can be automated.


Interconnect your social media networks. We suggest that some of your Twitter posts are also put on facebook. Facebook is more about relationships than Twitter so when you get a large Twitter following you can drive traffic to your blog or website and facebook.

A contest is a great way to jumpstart your social media following. Incentives and freebies still work and can be a valuable ingredient if you don’t want to slowly build your social media network.



Twitter is a great way to get instant opinions, provide customer service, drive traffic, or get people to events. Twitter also gives you the ability to see what people are saying about you and your competition.

Finding Targeted Users

It is important to build a network of targeted Twitter followers.

Content is very important and should be about the key subjects your targeted followers and their interests. We use 5 methods of finding targeted users:



1. The FIRST method of finding targeted users is by searching for users with specific

keywords in their Twitter updates.

2. The SECOND method of finding targeted users is to search by profile data on users who have specific information listed in their Profile. Users generally type a few sentences about themselves in their profile, which makes this another great way to get highly targeted users.

3. The THIRD method of finding targeted users is to search by location. We can search for a user within a certain mile radius of a specific location.

4. The FOURTH method of finding targeted users is search by followers of another user. This can be very powerful if used correctly. Searching followers of another user can find followers of your competition or followers of a power user.

5. We can also find targeted users followed by another user. Often, users will follow users who have similar interests as they do, so it can be a good idea to follow their users as well. For example, a person might tend to follow other users who tend to have the same profession or hobbies as they do.


· Merchandise the connection to your Facebook page everywhere a customer might interact with your brand online

· Include a compelling call-to-action and even an incentive for your customers to join your Facebook community

· If you want more fans, you should be leveraging the fans you already have to get them

Social media is all about customer support, communication, content, and count. There are several ways to grow your audience.  

social-media Make it visible
As I pointed out last week, turning customers into fans can be as easy as making them aware of your presence at Facebook. Where possible, make sure to use the "one-click" fan button feature offered by Facebook. And, do not hesitate to cross-promote your Facebook page via other social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, or your online forums.

Give a reason
Include a compelling call-to-action and even an incentive for your customers to join your Facebook community. Offering an incentive is an important component in this process.

Another way to activate your customer base to interact with you at Facebook is to invite them to join the conversation. Post topics and invite fans to comment

Fans recruit fans
Fans are important. Who wants to have a fanpage with no fans? Whether you have 300 or 300,000 fans at Facebook, two things are certain: 1) You want more fans and 2) you should be leveraging the fans you already have to get them. Facebook fan drives are becoming more popular than ever. Some of the best examples include contests and promotions.

When doing a promotion, building fans or having a contest, advertising can help. Currently, targeted Facebook advertising is a bargain. It’s cost per thousand people is super low … and did I mention it is targeted? Consider budgeting for reoccurring targeted Facebook display advertising. It’s better than traditional media, especially as part of a social media package.


Dwight Cook is one of the owners of VividMix and SoundWorks providing marketing, audio and video, web and new media.  VividMix uses social media as one of the components of new media for their clients.



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Communicate with a New Generation


 young-genWe have a whole new generation that prefers learning in a non-sequential, mosaic way. This new generation is influenced by media and the Internet and saturated with endless sound and video bytes. I have experienced this first hand in the lives of my own children. Their life is lived out in a big media bucket. They can learn and interact with information in a much more informal and dynamic way than I could at their age.

Information seeks and finds us whenever we are, we don’t have to look for it. With Social Media we are always aware of news, entertainment and even the lunatic fringe. This stuff finds you and me every minute of the day!

So how do you communicate with this new generation?  Embrace the new media and speak their language, don’t hard sell.  Be transparent and real. 

How did we get to be a generation filled with electronic media and want to learn in a non-sequential way?  Read this earlier blog post – Communication with young adults

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Favorite Video of the Week

Credit Unions are a different kind of fighter. Underdogs? Maybe. Champions of a cause? Most definitely. But what is certain, is that the ground has shifted, and your corporate-driven opponents have lost their footing. Now is the time to fight for your share and differentiate yourselves from banks. Now is the time to tell your story. Because you are a different kind of fighter.

Congrats to Third Degree  for great concept and creation!


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