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Technology can help a guys love life

I ran across a great site – – that will enhance a guys love life without drugs and put some money in a girls wallet.  Guys can ask a woman a question on relationships and dating and get an answer from a female perspective.  It will cost you $2 to ask a question guys!  And the woman that answers gets to keep $1 of that payment.  The cool thing is it’s all anonymous – you don’t know who asks and who answers.  Try it, you can’t lose a lot unless you have so many questions …

If you want to save a few bucks and get some great love tips guys … visit Raphael’s facebook page.  I think he could even teach a caveman some romance.  This site is free and funny! They are currently giving away a trip for two to Portugal and 25 cans of gourmet Queen Of The Coast tuna (the sponsor) a week.  This site is fun but seriously guys, it could help you become the romeo you desire to be!

So is it love or money that makes the world go round?



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Flipboard – cool, very new news app!

FlipboardFlipboard – is a revolutionary News App for the iPad


Flipboard pulls data from your Facebook and Twitter accounts and builds a “social magazine” around it. This is not your traditional news app. It’s not just a RSS feed reader, and it’s not a photo gallery either. Flipboard is a new way to discover content. It collects links, pictures and everything else you have on Twitter and creates a magazine around them. A magazine where comments are retweets, and you are the curator of the content you want to see. It looks great, too: typography is tasty, animations are sexy, this app is very polished.



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MOG, radio reinvented


And my MOG, yes there is another player besides iTunes.  MOG lets you get unlimited tunes a month for under $10.  And yes, they have millions of tune choices and phone apps!

Listen to millions of tracks from major-label and indie artists. Enjoy your music ad-free in high fidelity streams directly from your browser — no software download required. Select individual songs, explore playlists, or just sit back and listen to radio with no limitations.  Hello MOG … Roll over radio!


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Facebook hits 500 million mark

BBC infographic

The site, which launched in 2004, has gained around 100 million new users in just the last six months. Facebook said the number was "an important milestone" and added that it was "humbled and inspired" by the stories of its users, which it is asking people to share on the site. Everybody it seems – wants to share with their friends.  Look how it started small and how fast it grew!



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15 year old hacks iPhone

Flashlight App Briefly Brought Unofficial Tethering To The iPhone

Handy Light iPhone app

According to the description of Handy Light, an iPhone app developed by Nick Lee, its a convenient flashlight for the iPhone, which lets you choose from 5 colors of light. Is it worth $0.99?  No, but inside this app was a little easter egg that allows you to use your phone as a modem or tethering to your iPhone. AT&T charges monthly for the teathering feature.


Handy Light has been removed from the App Store.

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Functional Sweatshirt with Buds

bud_sweat Classic design and yet so functional. These hoodies have ear buds built in – they are the drawstrings! When I saw these I had to share – what a great idea.  They are cotton/poly fleece hoodies from a legendary surf brand and come in your choice of black, blue, or gray, and have a black & white checkered hood outfitted with functioning earbud drawstrings that connected to an input jack in the pocket. To top it off, they’re safe to put in the washer. Available from Kona and other retailers -what a great idea.


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How NOT to hold your phone

Location of phone antennas. Don’t cover it with your hand while talking for best signal. Apple tells us that antenna problems exist with all phones. Full story from Apple conference here.

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