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Join the Creative Circus Tuesday, Nov. 9th!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. It’s time to lace up the big shoes, pile into your cars and spend an evening with the freaks, misfits and hustlers that make this business the greatest sideshow
on earth.
Join Houston’s leading professional creative organizations as we socialize and enjoy anothe……r great networking event Tuesday, Nov. 9th, 5:30pm at Hefley’s 138 W. Gray. Brought to you by Only in Houston, The Creative City. Featuring AAF-H, ADCH, HiMA, HFA, UHGAP, OiH and music from the Psychedelic Sex Panther.
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TAX BREAK Houston’s Creative Bailout!


facebook[1]TAX BREAK Houston’s
Creative Bailout!


Comedy – Music – Live Art – Networking 
Add this to your calendar NOW!

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After bobbing and weaving together last year, this year’s creative mixer is
all about getting a little relief from work and taxes. Join Houston’s leading
professional creative organizations as we socialize and enjoy another
tax season passing us by …

Event Name:     Tax Break! Houston’s Creative Bailout
                Thursday, April 15, 2010
               5:30p – 10p
Admission:      Free, Cash Bar
Food:               Hors de’ oeuvres
Activities/Programming: Comedy, Tax Relief, Creative Interaction


Sponsoring organizations:

American Advertising Federation Houston (AAFH)
Natalie Gonzalez, President

American Institute of Graphic Arts Houston (AIGA)
Robin Parrish, Programming

Art Director’s Club of Houston (ADCH)
Alex Barber, President

Only in Houston (OiH)
Dwight Cook, Chairman

University of Houston Graphics Alumni Partnership (UHGAP)
Daniel Bosse, President

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OiH 2010 Award Winner

The 2010 Only In Houston award was given to Dan Workman of Sugarhill Studios Saturday February 13, 2010. The OiH Award is given to honor people who have contributed to the Houston creative community and has set a new standard of excellence.

Dan has been very supportive of the Houston music industry for as long as I can remember, and I’ve known him since the 80’s.  In addition to the OiH award, Lou Congelio presented him with a proclamation from the mayor of Houston naming Saturday “Dan Workman Day.”  Dan will also be joining OiH as a new board member! 

Thank you Dan, for your support of the Houston Creative community and Only in Houston.


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Help a Genius Who Paints Sound

 mm_logo_300_v2As many of you may know, the DREAM Fund was developed to assist people in advertising, public relations and media industries whose lives have hit unexpected difficulties.  Today, we have a special need in the Houston Area; a need that requires immediate assistance.

Mark Meyer works as an audio engineer at SoundWorks.  He has been diagnosed with lung cancer and unfortunately the chemo treatments have not helped; thus, the current prognosis isn’t favorable.  For the past 6 months, he has worked on a reduced salary and is the primary provider for his family.  Mark has been labeled as a genius at painting sound; however, he is also a master of not making a sound when needing help.  To fight this battle, Mark needs not only encouragement but monetary support for his mounting medical bills and for the care of his family (wife, two daughters and grandson).

Should you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to assist this family in their time of need, please logon to:

click on: DONATIONS

select: Donate online

Fill-in all required areas (*) on the form, uncheck any pre-checked selections and under DIRECTED DONATIONS type: MARK MEYER



Once the donation transaction is complete, you will be able to print your donation confirmation and receipt.

Again, please spread the word and help a colleague in need.  Thank you for your support.

To send a note of encouragement to Mark – visit The Mark Meyer Fund on Facebook or Mark Meyer on Twitter.

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Bob & Weave: Houston’s Creative Throwdown


Join Houston’s top creative professionals as we come together to mix it up August 25!

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Business Barriers? – do you fear connecting with your competition?

by Dwight Cook

Do you hate your competition? competition

I have run into many people who want to destroy their competition! Many times business leaders are trained to not trust anyone who competes with them. Their business view is a win/lose game and if they associate with their competitors they will lose.

I don’t think that this is they way to deal with the other team. I see that no two companies are exactly the same. Even if there are similarities between companies, there are even more differences. There are differences with people, services and products. Look at the differences as strength. It’s the differences make you unique. 

Get past the fear of your competition and you can actually build mutually beneficial relationships and grow your business. When you forge relationships with other companies you make a bigger pie and can actually achieve greater levels of success. Some commonalities will always exist. If you are not operating from a spirit of fear you can reach a new piece of the market and get customers you would not connect with otherwise.

I’m currently chairman of the organization Only In Houston. It’s a diverse group of media and ratrace advertising creative professionals in Houston. The creative’s in Houston are spread out all over the city and OiH builds community. OiH has an online directory with a lot of web traffic. With that online directory, its blogs, social media, calendar and networking events this creative community connects. Together OiH members communicate the rich resources available in the Houston Creative community. The key word here is “together.”

Yes, the fear of competition does exist but it will diminish quickly as you  engage yourself in new beneficial business relationships. Let me hear from you – what’s your experience?


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