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SlingPlayer comes to iPad

SlingPlayer Mobile For iPad Coming Soon


SlingMedia’s official YouTube account has posted a video walkthrough of the Sling Player Mobile for the Apple’s iPad.


SlingPlayer for iPad


The user interface of the iPad app is quite similar to the iPhone app. SlingMedia has also confirmed that the iPad version would only work with Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox SOLO. There is no word as to when the App would go live on the App Store. But it is expected soon.  What a wonderful way to watch HD video away from the home or office.  At $30 I can still rationalize one for playing video demos on the road!




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Apple iPad Makes It To Time’s ‘50 Best Inventions of 2010′ List

ipadHere’s one more reason to brag about your iPad. It’s part of the elite list of products that were featured in TIME magazine’s list of “50 Best Inventions Of 2010”.

The iPad is revolutionary in terms of being the first color Tablet with multitouch and full fledged web browsing ,  but this is an elite list, which makes the honor even bigger.

From Time: "How does Apple keep out-inventing the rest of the tech industry? Often, it’s by reinventing a product category that its competitors have given up on. In theory, the iPad is merely a follow-up to such resoundingly unpopular slate-style computers as Microsoft’s Tablet PC. But Apple is the first company that designed finger-friendly hardware and software from scratch rather than stuffing a PC into a keyboardless case. When it calls the results “magical” and “revolutionary,” it’s distorting reality only slightly. One analyst says the iPad is the fastest-selling non phone gizmo in consumer-electronics history."

The second invention to make it to the “Technology” section of the list also has an Apple connection. It’s an iPad app called Flipboard that is featured as the second entry in the list of the top inventions of 2010. Flipboard presents various social media network updates in a magazine style layout. This means you can look at those Facebook pictures and comments in a completely different way! Congratulations Apple!

from Time


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Custom Carbonites from Photo

PaulPapeCarboniteStore_GGOK, this is too funny – send Paul Pape a photo and he will make a custom figure encased in carbonite!  I’m sure you know someone you want to honor or just freeze in the stuff.

Who is Paul Pape?

Paul is a hobbyist in Nebraska who’s built a career designing furniture, stop-motion animation figures. He has even made a set  for an Alicia Keys’ tour! One is only $50 and is a 2” X 5” brick with the custom image.  So start taking photos and Paul will make it happen.  Go Paul! The website is


Frank Beard (ZZ Top)
with Han Solo in Carbonite
at Sound Works, Houston



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Houston Creative Summit is Friday October 23!

71_t is your last reminder to save $25 when registering for The Houston Summit for the Creative Economy, lifting off this Friday at Rice University’ McNair Hall.

An elegant vase by Houston artist Terry Hagiwara has been donated by the Goldesberry Gallery to be our door prize. You must be present to win!

Walk-up registrations will be $125, but if you act visit right now, you can still register for $100 with the code word ‘collaborate.’

— Connect to Houston’s most vital community of fire-starters
— Boost creativity and innovation in Houston
— Learn how to turn ideas into reality
— Build relationships with supporters and advisors
— Join teams revolutionizing Houston.

Register now at or call (281) 433-2302.

Spread the secret code "collaborate" by email, word of mouth, social media. please forward this email to everyone you think needs to be there. follow us on twitter @houstonsummit and tag your tweets with #HSCE. Look for us on Facebook and Linkedin, too.


Creative Summit Schedule

Friday, October 22, 2010


Check-in, networking



Welcome, orientation


George Worthington


Opening panel

How creativity drives Houston’s economy

Jonathon Glus, CEO of Houston Arts Alliance

Peter Bishop, futurist and UH Professor


Move to strategy labs



Strategy Labs

Urban Regeneration

Andrew Burleson of
Russell Hruska, AIA of Intexure Architects


Arts-based learning

Donna Howell of Third Coast Theater, artist Lillian Warren and representative from corporate training at Weatherford


Incubators & hives

Matthew Wettergreen of Caroline Collective, and 
Marc Nathan of Chai One, formerly with Houston Technology Center


Local assets

Brian Rod and Cody Ledvina of The Joanna, plus more names to be announced


Recap of learning



Culinary arts panel

Creating Cuisine

Teresa Byrne-Dodge of My Table and 
Monica Pope of t’afia




Buffet by Grant Gordon of Tony’s and Michael Cordua’s restaurants, Monica Pope. …


Move to strategy labs



Strategy Labs


Mauro Ferrari, The Alliance for Nanomedicine


Medical innovation 

Pumps & Pipes Conference founder Alan Lumsden, head of cardiovascular surgery at Methodist


Creativity, technology and community

J.R. Cohen of, Alfred Cervantes of Houston Film Commission


Digital, design & film

Tim McLaughlin, Texas A&M Visualization Department
Jerry Alexander of Acumen Design


Recap of learning



Closing panel

Marketing the Creative City

Ward Pennebaker, agency founder and chief marketing officer for Houston Grand Opera, Steve Latham of Spur Interactive agency and Dwight Cook of Soundworks and OnlyInHouston


The Symphony of Ideas


Conducted by Durwin Sharp of The School for Innovators

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Unified Contacts List


images In OS4 the new Contacts app unifies these contacts so that the names on the ‘All Contacts‘ page appear only once. These listings unify contact names from your iPhone address book, MobileMe account and your corporate exchange server so that you may access all information about your contact from a single page. To access any particular contact card, you simply have to scroll down to the bottom of the contacts page and tap on the Linked Cards section.

Since this is automated, the listing is prone to errors. If you think listings are were wrongly linked. Additionally, users may also insert new contacts to a unified card by tapping on Edit -> Link Contact and choosing a contact name to link. This is especially useful if you want to group a list of users under one head.

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Your most embarrassing messages, online

Ok, now technology is here with a vengeance with

audioo From a tech-geek whose last project was an online repository of downloadable sound effects, Audioo’s also a repository, but not sound effects, this time embarrassing voicemails uploaded by users who received these messages from their friends – or people that used to be their friends.

After upload, each message’s transcribed and posted as both a text and audio file, with examples from various area codes including:

(718): A UPS guy calls a customer to pick up leftover boxes, which he’s worried about ’cause he thinks they may be holding a ferret, a point he emphasizes by swearing, then saying "I don’t cuss unless I’m serious about something" — well, $#**.

tshirt_talkin_trash(917): A clearly pale guy tries to convince a girl to come over by letting her know that "to answer your question, I put on sunscreen even if it is pitch dark outside, literally… I got some spf 80 here. I got some spf 90. I got some spf 1000. Seriously, I’m just tryin’ to  get you to my house so we can make out. Just come on over. I got the spf whatever. And uh, we’ll go hang out in the sun. Or not. It doesn’t matter." Hmmmm… actually it kind of does.

This makes me sad for the people involved and I guess just sad in general.  If you participate, I have the T-shirt for you. Is this a good use of technology?


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Smart Phone Marketing

iphone So, what does the announcement of the new iPhone 4 mean to you?  Will you sell you old phone and make the switch next week?  I’ve already seen tutorials on how to sell your old phone on ebay. I do love the improved camera (front and back), the HD video, better email, wireless keyboard support and more. But I’ll probably keep my iPhone 3gs till it’s time to renew my phone contract. 

Why? This is not an earth shaking new product – it’s an improvement or next generation of a winning product. It’s release insures that the smart phone is the hot and growing client platform for many moons.  If you are not marketing to the mobile customer and consumer you are missing the fastest growing segment of computing.  The platform is affordable and powerful.  In fact, in some countries the desktop has all but been replaced by a smart phone. 

It happened to radio with the mp3 player. Most people I know use their cell phone – not a home phone.  Next, I predict that the smart phone will take over more of the TV and desktop/laptop market.  Excuse me, I have a skype call on my phone …


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