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Rock Band performs with iPhones

A New York City rock band “Atomic Tom” is in the news for turning to their iPhones for help after their instruments were allegedly stolen.

The members of the band hooked their iPhones to a portable speaker system and used various musical iPhone apps to play “Take Me Out” from their latest album on a New York City subway train.

While the lead vocalist uses the iPhone as a microphone, the other three members of the band use various musical iPhone apps simulating the piano, drums and guitar.

This is a great performance  … checkout the video below:



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Houston Classic Rock nominees for Texas Radio Hall of Fame

dchat Classic rock and the DJ’s who brought that music to local radio audiences long before the rock was considered "classic" are fading fast. But Texas Radio Hall of Fame has found one right here in Houston. A former disc jockey at several radio stations in Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, and Chicago, Dwight “Shotgun” Cook finally ended up in Houston, where he reigned as the No. 1 rock jock at 104.1 KRBE for 3 years running.
Being No. 1 came with perks. Not only did he get to hang out backstage with iconic artists like Elvis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Led Zepplin and Janis Joplin, and, he was a celebrity in his own right. It was the golden era of the great DJ. Back then, the music was as important as they guy who played it for you.
Today, Dwight uses his radio experience and sometimes his distinctive, ex-disc jockey voice at SoundWorks (, the award-winning media production house in Houston. Dwight also serves as Chairman of Only in Houston and serves on the Board of Directors of AAFH – American Advertising FederationHouston.
If you join Texas Radio Hall Of Fame for $15 (Http:// you, too, can place your vote for great Houston talent like Dayna Steele, Crash Collins, Dan Patrick, Bill Moffett, Dave Ward, and Hal McClain, as well as Houston’s Only In Houston Chairman, Dwight “Shotgun” Cook. For your vote to count, it must be mailed in and postmarked by July 17th.
DaynaSteele Support the Houston creative community and the mission of Only In Houston and place your vote for Dwight "Shotgun" Cook to hold a place in Texas radio history. Voting members of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame can find the 2010 ballot here. ( Then join all the fans at the big, always sold out, awards event held in the city with the most voters. Let’s make it happen in Houston!


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Iron Wins

I saw Iron Man last night with a couple of friends. This movie is just full of one-liners. It is a good balance of funny human moments and dramatic sci-fi comic book adventure.

Are you one that sits and watches all the credits at the end of the film. I do. The sound design was amazing. So many scenes in this movie would have failed without good audio design. I was surprised at how many digital special effects people were listed in this film, quite a crew. A truly amazing film.

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Make Any Surface a Speaker


This was possible in the past with expensive devices that could turn sheetrock walls into speakers.  Reaction was mixed.  Now enter Tunebug, a device that turns surfaces into speakers for less than a hundred dollars.  I have not tried one but I’ll be happy to review this device because the idea is promising. Imagine plugging your iPod/MP3 player in to a big speaker.  It’s portable too. Yes you can turn almost any flat surface into a panel speaker (they suggest cardboard boxes or anything else hollow for best results.) Turn it up!


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