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Internet Marketing Checklist

So how can you market on the Internet. Do you need a bigger, badder web site? What can you do to get traction?

social-media 1. Create a website with content

The secret to a successful website is to get people there and give them a reason to come back.  You can do this with content. Have content before you concern your self with SEO and web site promotion.

2. Tap into Your Expertise

Include content that showcases your talent and expertise.  Talk about what you know… you will present yourself as an expert. It showcases your “know-how-trust” factor. Cement your credibility as an expert.

2. Market to Your Existing Customers

Instead of just focusing on getting new business, turn your attention to your existing customers. If you treat all your clients as special, they will feel special — and be likely to tell someone else about you.

3. Build Relationships

Build relationships with your clients and prospects. Social Media is a great way to extend your reach. Don’t sell with social media. Build relationships, let the selling come later.

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Favorite Video of the Week

Credit Unions are a different kind of fighter. Underdogs? Maybe. Champions of a cause? Most definitely. But what is certain, is that the ground has shifted, and your corporate-driven opponents have lost their footing. Now is the time to fight for your share and differentiate yourselves from banks. Now is the time to tell your story. Because you are a different kind of fighter.

Congrats to Third Degree  for great concept and creation!


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Unfollowing On Twitter

twitter_32 I have had a lot of questions about Twitter unfollowing … it’s really a much discussed topic. What is the proper Twitter etiquette?

Some believe that when someone follows you on Twitter, it’s proper for you to follow them back.

If you are just trying to build followers then go ahead and follow them back. But if you want to build a network of targeted followers of like mind DON’T FOLLOW just anybody.

follow To get value from Twitter follow their content. The Twitter search tool is now very powerful and you can find users to follow based their content or profile. The Twitter stream moves too fast to scan for content manually. There are also some great web based tools to find Tweeters of interest and some client based (installed on your computer) search and follow tools.

I tend to tweet about things I find of interest, and that I think my followers also find interesting. Most of my content is based on Marketing, Technology and Entertainment Follow me to see if my twitter stream appeals to you.

If my followers are not interested, then I have no problem with them unfollowing … I don’t want to waste their time.

Why do I unfollow? If you’re not interesting to me, if you spam me, if you show semi nude avatars, use foul language or try to sell a make money fast scheme, if you don’t tweet in 100 days, or if, after I search your tweet history, I find you’re mostly talking about things I’m not interested in. Nothing personal, I just don’t have the time or bandwidth to follow you in a meaningful way.

Frankly, I may also unfollow you if you do not follow me back, but I will look at your Twitter stream first to see if your content is interesting.

Some of my favorite tools are:

  • Twitter Karma – a great interface to ‘batch’ manage who you’re following
  • Social Too – helps you target people to follow based on their content

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#1 Creepiest Commercial of 2009

Number One

Do you have a favorite creepy commercial?  Let me hear from you.  This proves my saying – you have to watch a lot of bad TV to see a “good” commercial.


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Communication with young adults


America is now full of non-readers and on average adults read less than one book a year. I recently read a book, Flickering Pixels, which I mentioned in an earlier article which reinforces how new generations prefer learning in a non-webleo2 sequential way influenced by our media saturated world.

We no longer search for information, but information now seeks and finds us, whenever we are. With Twitter and Facebook feeds I’m constantly aware of news, trivia, the important and the ridiculous seems to search for me every second of the day. For those of us in media, it is apparent that abundant information saturation is changing habits:

Parents must instill a strong moral and ethical code within their children. There are not enough Internet and TV filters to shelter our children’s eyes and ears. We must get to their heart before media and friends take over.

Employers this generation is not lazy! However they live life in the moment, and relationships, causes and even pleasure will not be postponed for the sake of a career. The dollar is not their motivation.

Educators no longer control the gateway of knowledge because anyone with a computer or smart phone can access any information in seconds. Educators need to help students think and make sense of the all of the available information.

Publishers will survive this culture shift if they produce and distribute content beyond the printed page. If people are not reading books they are watching YouTube, reading blogs, listening to podcasts, reading Social media and sharing sharing their thoughts online.

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Widgets are coming to your TV

Standby … we control the horizontal and the content. TV is about to really embrace the Internet.


This is not web TV – widgets enhance your TV viewing with web content.  Already Yahoo and other information   providers are getting their widgets ready for a new breed of TV from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio and Intel. Widgets w

ill do more than bring you information they can bring you movies, sports events, coupons and more.

Intel is developing a widget module to fit to TV’s that don’t ship with the technology. It’s the Intel Widget Channel … they will provide a development environment for all of this widget Internet-based content and services. Widget Channel supports this new platform and will allow growth. The channel will adapt to new software and TV hardware .

widgets2 The good news is that consumers will be able to find and select content and services they prefer. Widget service providers can provide continuous updates and recommendations about content of special interest to them based on location and viewing patterns. Tapping into the power of the Internet allows consumers to share content and connect with their existing social networks and communities right on the TV in their living room.

Privacy … what privacy? Your Internet viewing choices are already public information. This idea may start with widgets but future TV distribution will go to the Internet. Companies are bracing for the future.  Information providers like Google and Yahoo and distribution suppliers like AT&T, Comcast and the mobile providers will duke it out for their share. Widgets are just the beginning of TV landscape changes.

As you can imagine marketing people will love it, there will be a widget explosion.  Ratings services like Nielson already track viewing patterns but with Internet TV results will be more accurate and advertisers will love those stats! So when you ask will this be here? The technology is here now.  We are waiting on bandwidth, lots of bandwidth. We must have cost effective big bandwidth to make this work the way we all expect!

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Bob & Weave: Houston’s Creative Throwdown


Join Houston’s top creative professionals as we come together to mix it up August 25!

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