6 Ways to Get Re-Tweeted

October 25, 2010 at 10:13 pm Leave a comment

Twitter is a social network that allows users to share brief, 140 character messages. Each time another user shares your message it is considered a Re-Tweet. Re-Tweets expand you reach as an individual or company and can contribute additional website traffic, subscribers and customers.  There is social media etiquette, most of these “don’ts” also apply in-person in real life. Make the mistakes outlined in this post and it can cause your content to be ignored and not get Re-Tweeted!

Ways to Get Re-Tweeted

1. Talk About Yourself –There is nothing that will keep you from getting Re-Tweeted and make you lose followers like talking about yourself constantly. You should try it in person too, say at a party, it will have the same effect.

2. Ask for the Re-Tweet – If you want Re-Tweets, ask for them.

3. Include a an interesting link –People love to spread links to content they like.

4. Don’t say what everyone else is saying – Say only the same things everyone else is saying, and become part of the background noise of Twitter.

5. Talk About Twitter – Twitter users like Twitter, and they like talking about it. Tweeting about Twitter will make people want to Re-Tweet you!

6. Use Bit.ly –TinyURL and Bit.ly help you not to use up valuable characters and make it easier for followers to Re-Tweet you.





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