The Best Defense Is …

January 15, 2010 at 6:07 pm Leave a comment

anger_vs_kindness_1My father-in-law once told me the best defense is a strong offense. I have found that some people even memorize comebacks for defensive situations, really they do, such as:

"Do you know who I am!"

"I saved up for four years for this … and paid your top rate…"

"I’ve told you a million times …"

"The only reason I bought your _____ product was…"

"I’ve worked my butt off for years"

"You are such a ______"

We all hear it, even from politicians.  Perhaps you too memorize tacky comeback lines?

Try doing just the opposite, especially in this economy. Treat the other person with kindness, return a loud voice with a soft one and so on. Besides it increases the chance that the other person will actually do something to help you. If you find yourself slipping back in your old ways, just watch "Cops" or one of the police reality shows. If that criminal had not told off the cop, would they have been treated differently?

The best defense is kindness.



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